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How to look after your well-being when working as a contractor

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There are multiple benefits to contracting and freelancing. Those who choose to contract as a career path do so to achieve a better work-life balance, gain flexibility in their work hours, or work anywhere in the world.

However, the freelancing and contracting lifestyle can come with its challenges. Throughout this piece, we will explore the strategies and practices contractors can employ to help them look after their well-being.

Join contractor networking or social groups:

Joining networking groups has many benefits, from gaining invaluable insights, sharing your knowledge, gaining referrals, and making new contacts that can become invaluable to your work network. One can find networking groups through their current network or a LinkedIn search. There are many more benefits of networking; check out our recent article, which examines the benefits of networking for contractors, available here.

Like networking, social groups can benefit contractors as a social outlet and an opportunity to make new connections and share interests. There are a number of social clubs, from sports clubs to industry social clubs and groups for other more niche hobbies and interests. Joining a group can have many benefits, from making new friends to finding a new outlet or hobby.

Open Lines of Communication:

As the famous saying goes, "A problem shared is a problem halved." By opening up lines of communication between yourself and your collaborators/colleagues/clients, you will be able to address problems better, find solutions, or develop ideas.

Keeping an open line of communication is also essential for helping manage uncertainty with clients and other contacts.

Set limits:

It is essential that contractors set realistic limits and manage the time they spend on various projects. Whether that be a screen time limit or setting up a finish-up time and taking lunch, setting boundaries can help ensure a positive work-life balance and help avoid burnout.

Many people use the Pomodoro method, which consists of focused working blocks of 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. It's important to note that this is just a suggested time block, and contractors can adjust these time blocks to work for them. Setting time limits for tasks can help maintain momentum and help contractors avoid spending too much time on a specific task.

Plan time off:

Planning time off work is another practice that helps look after one's well-being. Contractors should account for annual leave in their working year. Like setting time limits, scheduling time off work is essential to rest, recuperate, and, significantly, avoid burnout. Check out our article on Planning Annual leave and time off as a self-employed contractor. This piece explores how contractors and freelance professionals can best plan for annual leave, sick days, and holidays. Check out the article here.

Leave the complex paperwork and taxes to 3C Global:

Employing an umbrella organisation like 3C Global can help you manage much of the stress around filling out paperwork and ensuring full compliance when working as a contractor. Our team is on hand to help with various contracting queries, including invoicing, insurance, immigration queries, employment structures, and much more. Our team at 3C Global Group assists our clients in removing the administrative burden as much as possible, leaving our contractors free to concentrate on their roles.

In Conclusion:

There are many practices that contractors can employ to help them look after their well-being when contracting, from planning time off and setting limits to utilising an organisation to assist with ensuring compliance and complex paperwork.

Are you a contractor currently between contracts or approaching the end of your current contract? If so, be sure to check out our blog post on maintaining a positive outlook between contracting jobs here; for more pieces like this one and industry news and updates, follow us on LinkedIn.

Whatever your contracting needs or queries, contact our knowledgeable team at 3C Global to assist you with your contracting journey today.


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