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Information Technology

The information technology sector is one of the key industry sectors worldwide. In a recent survey of global businesses, 57% of companies within the sector envisage that they will increase the headcount of highly skilled independent contractors to plug an internal talent gap.

Thanks to the increasing adaptation of new technology, the advances in cloud technology & the advances in mobile internet, the sector continues to be at the core of everyday life for most people throughout the globe.

3C Global Group and our contractors work in most of the traditional roles within the information technology sector however in recent times there has been a large increase in the need for:

- Data Analysts and Scientists
- AI and Machine Learning Specialists
- Big Data Specialists
- Software and Applications Developers and Analysts
- Innovation Professionals
- Information Security Analysts
- New Technology Specialists
- Blockchain Specialists
- User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers

Irrespective of the skill-set, 3C Global Group understand the intrinsic needs of contractors, international recruitment companies and end client customers when it comes to placing a specialist candidate on site within the sector.

The contractors we work with in the Information Technology sector have worked some of the largest companies in the world.

Contact 3C Global Group to discuss your options as a contractor or freelancer in the Information Technology sector today.