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Hungary is located in central Europe, bordering Slovakia to the north, Austria to the west, Slovenia and Croatia to the south-west, Serbia to the south, Romania to the east, Ukraine to the north-east and Slovakia to the north.

Full Name Hungary
Major Religion Christianity
US $14,590 (Wikipedia, 2018)
GNI Per Capita US $14,590 (Wikipedia, 2018)
Forint (HUF)
Monetary Unit Forint (HUF)
International Dialing Code +36
Major Language Hungarian
9.78m (2018 figures)
Population 9.78m (2018 figures)
Internet Domain .HU
Capital Budapest

Basic Phrases:

Hello Hello
Good Morning Jo reggelt
Good Evening Jo estét
Do you speak English? Beszélsz angolul?
Good bye Viszlat!/Viszontlatasra!
Thank you Köszönom
See you later Viszontlatasra

Hungary is considered to be a high-income economy and ranks 45th on the Human Development Index, partly because of its social security system, universal healthcare and tuition-free education. Hungary places much emphasis on its exports, which includes pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, IT, chemicals, machinery and electrical goods.

Budapest is a significant economic hotspot and is the second fastest-developing urban economy in Europe. Furthermore, its relatively low rate of corporation tax (9%) makes Hungary an attractive place for freelancers and multinationals alike to do business.

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