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Bulgaria is in South-Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the North, Serbia and Macedonia to the West, Greece and Turkey to the South, and the Black Sea to the East.

Full Name Bulgaria
Major Religion Christianity
 US $7,580 (Wikipedia, 2018)
GNI Per Capita US $7,580 (Wikipedia, 2018)
Bulgarian Lev
Monetary Unit Bulgarian Lev
International Dialing Code +359
Major Language Bulgarian
Population 7.128m
Internet Domain .BG
Capital Sofia

Basic Phrases:

Hello Sdrawei
Good Morning Dubro utro
Good Evening Dobar wecher
Do you speak English? Govorite li angliiski?
Good bye Chao
Thank you Mnogo blagodaria
See you later Do po-kasno

Bulgaria has an open-market economy where private sector industries account for over 80% of GDP. Industries include the production of household appliances, computers, CDs, telephones, and medical and scientific equipment. However, the once-strong automotive industry, which primarily dealt with the manufacture of cars, trucks and buses is now in decline. Nonetheless, neighbouring countries are beginning to show an interest in investing in multinational companies. Most opportunities for employment are found in the service sector, and the tourist sector is thriving with an estimated ten million visitors in 2016. In addition, the agriculture sector provides tobacco, sugar beet and sunflowers, which along with iron, steel and machinery, are Bulgaria’s main exports.

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