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Belgium is located in Western Europe. It is bounded by the North Sea in the Northwest, the Netherlands in the North, France in the South and West and Luxembourg in the East. Belgium is situated in the heart of a highly industrialised region.

Full Name Belguim
Major Religion Christianity
US $41,491 (2016, Wikipedia)
GNI Per Capita US $41,491 (2016, Wikipedia)
Monetary Unit Euro
International Dialing Code +32
Major Language Dutch/French/German
11.2 million
Population 11.2 million
Internet Domain .BE
Capital Brussels

Belgium, with its excellent infrastructure system of ports, canals, railways and highways make it one of the strongest trading countries in the EU. The Belgian authorities endeavour to operate an open trade and investment climate. The services sector accounts for 75% of the GNP. The opportunities for contract workers in Belgium are diverse, with Brussels being the home of several multinational headquarters, while Flanders boasts the largest port for importing and exporting vehicles.

The IMF lists Belgium as the 17% highest in the world by GNP, with an average of $41,491 recorded per capita in 2017. Brussels is known for its highly educated workforce, although unemployment in the region reached 20% in 2012. The port of Liege-Zeebrugge is the largest port for natural gas.

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