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Malta is a country located to the south of Europe, consisting of a cluster of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated by the Mediterranean Sea from Italy to the north, from Tunisia to the west and Libya to the south.

Full Name Malta
Major Religion Catholic
USD $26,200 (2018, Wikipedia)
GNI Per Capita USD $26,200 (2018, Wikipedia)
Monetary Unit Euro
International Dialing Code +356
English, Maltese
Major Language English, Maltese
465,300 (2017, Wikipedia)
Population 465,300 (2017, Wikipedia)
Internet Domain .MT
Capital Valletta

Basic Phrases (Maltese):

Hello Merħba
Good Morning Bongu
Good Evening Lejl it-tajjeb
Do you speak English? Titkellem bl-Ingliż?
Good bye Saħħa
Thank you Grazzi
See you later Tara inti aktar tard

Malta is referred to as an advanced economy, which is largely based on the service sector. As a country, Malta depends largely on foreign trade, tourism and filmmaking; over a hundred feature films have been filmed in Malta since 1925. At present, tourism provides 15% of the GDP.

Malta’s location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in conjunction with low corporation tax rates and highly talented and productive work force, are most certainly contributors to the low unemployment rates, currently standing at 6.3%, the sixth lowest in Europe. However, figures from 2017 show that only 42.3% of women are in the workforce, which suggests that more supports need to be implemented so that this gender balance can be addressed.

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