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Germany is located in western Europe, bordering the North Sea between France and Poland. Germany shares boundaries with Denmark and the Baltic Sea (north), Poland and the Czech Republic (east), Austria (southeast), Switzerland (south), France (southwest), Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (west), and the North Sea (northwest).

Full Name Germany
Roman Catholic & Evangelical Church
Major Religion Roman Catholic & Evangelical Church
 US $33,396 (Wikipedia, 2018)
GNI Per Capita US $33,396 (Wikipedia, 2018)
Monetary Unit Euro
International Dialing Code +49
Major Language German
Population 82.5m
Internet Domain .DE
Capital Berlin

Basic Phrases:

Hello Hallo
Good Morning Guten Morgen
Good Evening Guten Abend
Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Good bye Tschuss/Auf Wiedersehen
Thank you Danke Schon
See you later Biss Spater / Auf Wiedersehen

Germany is part of the European Union. The German economy was one that was least affected by the economic downturn. In 2016, Germany recorded the highest trade surplus in the world worth US$310 billion. In 2017, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) awarded the German economy “yet another bill of good health,” and Germany ranked in 20th place of 190 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

Germany is the largest manufacturing economy in Europe with many diverse opportunities for contract workers. Ninety-nine percent of all German companies are small and medium sized enterprises, which are largely family owned. The service sector contributes around 70% of the local GDP, industry 29.1% and agriculture 0.9%. Germany is also the world’s top destination for trade fairs, which are held in cities all over Germany such as Hanover, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne and Dusseldorf.

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