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3C Global Group Sectors

The latest figures show that there are 32.7 million self-employed workers in the EU - this represents 16.1% of the total workforce. In the USA, 27% of the workforce is self-employed.

Of the EU 32.7 million, 9.6 million can be classed as a highly skilled contractor, freelancer or independent professional. This number marks a 99% increase since the millennium, with the trend only increasing steadily year on year.

Whilst the skill-set of these workers can be transferable between various industries, the main sectors in which companies recruit independent professionals are:

  • Information technology
  • Oil & gas
  • Natural energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical

3C Global Group can assist corporate business, recruitment agencies and highly skilled contractors in any of these sectors through the wide range of services that we offer or provide a tailored sector specific solution.


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