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Luxembourg is a small, land-locked country in western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east and France to the south.

Full Name Luxembourg
Major Religion Christianity
 US $69,420 (Wikipedia, 2018)
GNI Per Capita US $69,420 (Wikipedia, 2018)
Monetary Unit Euro
International Dialing Code +352
Major Language Luxembourgish/French/German
613,894 (2019 estimate)
Population 613,894 (2019 estimate)
Internet Domain .LU
Luxembourg City
Capital Luxembourg City

Basic Phrases:

Hello Bonjour! (French) Hallo! (German)
Good Morning Bonjour (French) Guten Morgen (German)
Good Evening Bonsoir (French) Guten Abend (German)
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous Anglais? (French) Sprechen Sie Englisch? (German)
Good bye Au revoir (French) Auf Wiedersehen (German)
Thank you Merci beaucoup (French) Danke Schon (German)
See you later A plus tard (French) Biss spater (German)

Luxembourg's culture is intertwined with neighbouring France and Germany, hence why its inhabitants speak a combination of French, German and Luxembourgish.

The economy of Luxembourg can be described as a stable, high-income one. Banking and financial services account for the majority of Luxembourg’s outputs, and Luxembourg is the third most competitive financial centre in the world, after London and Zurich. Luxembourg has a particularly healthy trading relationship with Belgium and the Netherlands, and as a member of the EU, it enjoys the advantages of the open European market.

Tourism is also a significant generator of employment in Luxembourg, with 11.2% of the population currently employed within the sector. The economy is also largely dependent on the steel and industrial sectors.

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