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3C Global Group

About Us

3C Global Group is a premier provider of international contractor management services, serving the world's leading recruitment agencies, multinational corporations, and highly skilled contracting professionals - since 2015.

Our founder holds 14 years industry experience, and a combined 50 years commercial experience in our management team.

Operating in nearly 40 countries at present, our company offers fully compliant and transparent international payroll, umbrella, tax compliance, and contingent workforce management solutions. We ensure peace of mind for every stakeholder in the contract chain by mitigating risks and streamlining processes.

Our services are meticulously designed to remove potential risks and uncertainties associated with launching new projects, allowing all parties involved to focus on their core business objectives.

Specifically, our services benefit:

Contractors: We enable specialist contractors to concentrate fully on their project deliverables while working internationally, ensuring maximum returns. Contractors can rest assured that all matters related to income tax, social security, and tax-deductible expenses are expertly managed by 3C Global Group and our trusted partners.

Corporate Clients: Corporations can focus on their primary profit-generating activities, knowing that all contractor affairs are competently handled by a reputable and professional partner.

Recruitment Agencies: We help recruitment agencies shield themselves against the risks of non-compliance by contractors. Additionally, 3C Global Group assists recruiters by freeing up their time to excel in what they do best—recruiting specialist talent for their clients worldwide.

Amidst a significant surge in demand for skilled contractors within the contingent workforce sector, 3C Global Group is positioned as your preferred international partner for launching new projects or engaging with contractors globally.

With decades of cumulative experience and an extensive network of global partners and advisors, we are equipped to offer unparalleled guidance and support. Our knowledgeable and approachable staff are always ready to address and assist with any inquiries you may have.

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Our Values

Our values define 3C Global group in the way which we work and help us to set the standards which we aspire to reach consistently on a daily basis.

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We are Compliant

We are compliant in everything we do - offering full transparency to all stakeholders in the contract chain.
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We Collaborate

We collaborate together to ensure the needs of the company, our suppliers and our clients are met.
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We Care

We care about the needs of our contractors, recruitment agencies & corporate clients above our own.
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We are Relentless

We are relentless in our desire to be the best and succeed. We strive to deliver superior services which create long-term value for 3C Global & our clients.
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We Challenge

We challenge the status quo within the industry and continually push the boundaries to provide the best service on the market.


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