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Whether you are an experienced professional taking on contracts abroad, a recruitment firm placing candidates in international positions, or a corporate company launching new projects or addressing skill gaps, 3C Global Group is your trusted partner for ensuring successful international contractor engagements.

We dedicate ourselves to assisting every stakeholder in the contract chain, helping each to navigate the complexities of income tax, immigration, social security, and local employment laws with compliance and precision.

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Contracting in a new country can be a daunting prospect, but with expert guidance from 3C Global Group - it need not be!

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"I have been happy with the services provided by 3C Global. Thank you very much for your support during the contract. I will join you at any time for future opportunities."

Ireland Flag
Emil F. Electrical Engineer | contracted in Germany

"I am happy to recommend the services of 3C Global. Every invoice and payment has been handled promptly and efficiently over the last year."

Ireland Flag
Martin D. BI Business Analyst | contracted in Spain

"Thank you for taking very good care of my legal issues during my stay in Germany. Your team gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus only on my job."

Ireland Flag
Abilio F. Automotive colour & material designer | contracted in Germany

"Everything was exceptional and perfect. Responses were always fast and helpful. Thank you for your time and help on all of this during my contract time."

Ireland Flag
Zita T. Analyst | contracted in Hungary

"I would highly recommend the team from 3C Global Group for all the great service and advice they have provided to me."

Ireland Flag
Laura P. Senior sharepoint developer | contracted in Belgium

"Our contractors found their smooth service to be very competitive and were always happy to sign up."

Ireland Flag
Joanne W. Senior delivery manager | international recruitment agency

"I was really satisfied with the services provided from 3C Global. I would definitely recommend this company for taking care of any legal and accounting issues."

Ireland Flag
Michail Z IOS Developer | contracted in Luxembourg

"Very pleased with the service provided by 3C for my work in Germany. I will certainly use 3C Global again as an umbrella company. I will also recommend my Network Engineers colleagues from the UK and Germany to use 3C Global. "

Ireland Flag
Ahmed A. Network Engineer | contracted in Germany

" thanks a lot for your brilliant work - all contract updates and payments were completed in a timely manner, which is highly appreciated!"

Ireland Flag
Sveta Z. Digital and technology solution analyst | contracted in Spain

"It was my first contract experience, and I liked it. I would work with 3C again."

Ireland Flag
Mihaly K. L2 Acc | contracted in Hungary

"Big thanks for such a professional and reliable services! Would totally recommend to any contractor who has payroll admin needs."

Ireland Flag
George R. Skype IPT Designer | contracted in the Netherlands

"Every concern that I had, was always been reassured with superb quick responses and solutions."

Ireland Flag
Paul D. 3D maya modeller | contracted in Germany

"I was pleased by the services provided by 3C Global."

Ireland Flag
Pedro R. Banking infrastructure & application support | contracted in Luxembourg

" I have had a very good experience with 3C Global "

Ireland Flag
Deborah R. Drug Safety Manager


APSco SIA CM Member