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We understand that moving to another country to work can be a very daunting experience, especially if you have never been there before, with our help - it need not be.

Each contractor we assist has a unique set of circumstances, therefore our solutions are tailor made to each and every contractor that we have the pleasure of assisting.

Every solution we offer is fully compliant with the local legislation in the working country and managed by local experts. This will give you the peace of mind you need to take that step into the unknown.

Another key element to what we do is to remove the administrative burden that working on contract can present. 3C Global Group remove this administrative burden as much as possible and leave you free to concentrate on your role.

Wherever your contract, whatever your circumstances 3C Global Group have the network, experience and local knowledge to make the world a smaller, less stressful place.

In summary, the services we provide to our contractors are:

  • Invoicing agencies or corporate clients.
  • Employment structures - self-employed; employed; own company invoicing solutions.
  • Insurances - Professional indemnity; public liability; medical cover; medivac.
  • In-country accounting services - tax registration; tax de-registration; ongoing accounting; monthly payroll; advice & support.
  • Immigration - work permit applications; visa applications.

Our complement of services helps to eliminate envisaged risk/uncertainty when embarking on a new project and enable all parties to concentrate on their primary business.


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