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Employment Structures

3C Global Group offer a range of employment structures based on the country in which you will go to work in.

Often, the employment structure which we would recommend, will be based on the model which will offer you the highest compliant take home pay in that country.

3C Global Group do not offer creative or hybrid solutions, meaning that we are totally transparent concerning the employment models which we offer our contractors and compliant with all local legislation.

In brief, the employment models we offer are:

  • Self-Employed / Freelancer- A self-employed structure is one where 3C Global Group will assist with setting our contractors up as a freelancer in the country in which they will work via a local freelance status or an in-country version of limited company.

  • Employed - An employed structure is one where our contractors will become a local employee of 3C Global Group and all necessary tax and social security deductions will be carried out on a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) basis.

  • Invoicing agreement - An invoicing and payment arrangement, is largely for contractors who have their own company set up already and plan to go abroad to work on a definitive short term assignment.


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