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For Recruitment & Staffing Agencies

Our services empower recruitment agencies to extend their global reach, providing your clients with access to a broader talent pool while safeguarding your agency against the risks of contractor non-compliance. We recognise the critical importance of timeliness in contractor placement. To address this, we have optimised our processes to ensure that contractors are mobilised swiftly and in full compliance with relevant regulations.

Key benefits we offer to recruitment agencies include:

Compliance Shield

Our robust framework acts as a protective barrier, mitigating risks and ensuring all contractor activities meet the requirements of all local legislation, thereby safeguarding your operations from potential legal liabilities.

End-to-End Compliant Contractor Engagement Solutions (CCES)

We offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of contractor engagement via a range of different compliant contract engagement models. This ensures that every contractor you place via 3C Global is fully compliant with the necessary local obligations and local legislation in the country of work.

Accelerated Contractor Payments

We facilitate faster payment processes for contractors, enhancing contractor loyalty and satisfaction. Our efficiency can significantly enhance your reputation among contractors and clients alike. Our current turnaround times are around 30 minutes from receiving payment, to processing payment to the contractor.

Streamlined Administration

Our services are designed to significantly reduce the administrative burden on your agency, allowing you to focus more on core activities and business development.

Dedicated Account Management

Each recruitment agency we partner with is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides personalised support, ensuring your needs are met promptly and effectively.

Comprehensive Immigration Advice

We handle the complexities of immigration advice for international placements, including visas and work permits, ensuring that contractors are legally compliant and verified to be able to work compliantly in the host country before starting an assignment.

We Speak Your Contractors Language

Our staff are truly international – between our team we have covered most of the main European languages and can communicate in the language of the contractor in most cases – breaking a barrier that most others cannot.


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