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3C Global Group

Green Policy Statement

As one of the leading contract management companies in the world, 3C Global Group take our environmental responsibilities seriously and strive to minimise any adverse impacts that our activities have, including our own office management.

The overall aim of this policy is to create the right conditions to allow our employees to become more sustainable in their everyday working patterns.

We endeavour to:

1. Raise awareness and promote green office working to staff

- Appoint a Green Office Champion to promote green office working practices.

- Provide guidance to all employees on sustainable working, including information on:

Turning off computer monitors and other electrical equipment; turning off lights; reducing waste; recycling; sustainable commuting.

- Promote awareness of issues such as energy, water, waste and travel which employees may consider outside of work in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Ensure offices are set up with green working in mind

- Ensure our offices are energy efficient, including:

Low energy lighting and controls (e.g. PIR)

Energy efficient appliances, including A++ rated white goods where feasible.

Investigate the feasibility of introducing additional carbon reduction initiatives with acceptable payback periods.

Ensure our offices are water efficient, including:

Dual flush toilets and water efficient taps as standard.

Investigating the feasibility of measures to reduce water use of showers and urinals, where appropriate.

Investigating the feasibility of rainwater harvesting systems, where appropriate.

Provide the means for employees to recycle their office waste with the aim of sending zero waste directly to landfill, where possible.

Ensure office equipment including computers, printers and mobile phones, are recycled at end of life.

Pre-set office equipment defaults to reduce consumption where possible (e.g. printer settings to print double sided).

3. Consider the supply of materials

- Procure recycled copier paper for office use.

- Ensure copier paper is chlorine free (totally or elementally)

- Investigate sustainable stationery options and develop lists of alternative products.

- Give preference to sustainably sourced products where appropriate (e.g. organic, Fairtrade, FSC, PEFC)

4. Monitor progress and improve performance

- Complete biennial sustainability reviews to identify any areas for improvement and promote good practice.

- Set targets for paper reduction and for energy and water use in our offices.

All employees are responsible for adopting sustainable working practices in their day-to-day activities. This includes the prudent use of resources such as paper, energy and water the use of available recycling facilities.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually and amended where appropriate.