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St. Patrick's Day - 2024

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This forthcoming Sunday, the 17th of March 2023, is an international day of celebration across the world to honour St. Patrick, who is not only the patron Saint of Ireland, but interestingly also the patron Saint of Nigeria and Montserrat.

Another interesting fact that you may not know, is that 3C Global also have a big connection to St. Patrick, given that we were founded in the same city where Patrick also made his base in Ireland.

Monday the 18th of March is a public holiday in Ireland, and therefore our Irish & UK offices will be closed throughout the day. We will reopen on Tuesday the 19th as normal.

Outward contractor payments will be processed as normal on Friday, but may be effected by the EU wide SEPA Payments systems update (read more here).

Please be aware that those contractors paid from our Irish bank may also experience a delay in clearing times due to the public holiday.

New contract queries on the 18th, will be handled by our Dutch and Spanish offices until 17:00 CET/16:00 GMT.

We wish you a great day and great luck always! ☘️


APSco SIA CM Member