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French President Emmanuel Macron Encourages Self-Employment in New Reforms

Newly elected president of France Emmanuel Macron is a breath of fresh air for both contractors and their would-be recruiters. Macron is set to introduce a number of reforms to encourage entrepreneurs and freelance/contract workers to work independently in France.

3C Global welcomes this as good news for our clients who are working, or considering a new contract, in France. Macron also hopes to attract investment from the US, and his willingness to go against tradition and hold meetings in English instead of French makes France an even more enticing place for multinationals to invest.

In order to achieve this, Mr Macron hopes to radically change the traditional way of doing things in order to create a culture that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. He hopes to blend cuts of €60bn while introducing a €50bn stimulus package, which is great news for budding contractors and recruiters alike. In addition he hopes to cut the corporation tax from 33% to 25%, as well as extending eligibility for welfare payments for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and those who quit their jobs voluntarily.

Although Macron’s economic proposals seem ludicrous to his opponents, Macron’s proposals have been warmly welcomed in particular by those working in the IT sector, who anticipate that Macron will further liberalise taxes, improve employment laws and encourage wealthy investors to support emerging business owners.

With such promising developments promised by Macron in the area of entrepreneurship, there will never be a better time for contractors and recruiters alike to get in touch with 3C Global to ensure that you are operating compliantly.


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