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International contracting made easy in...  

We are 3C Global Group

3C Global Group help a wide range of individual contractors, recruitment agencies and corporate end clients in a variety of ways across the globe.

We help contractors to work internationally without worrying about the stresses related to tax, immigration, social security and local employment law. With the help of our vast network of local advisors, we also help to maximise take home pay within the framework of the laws of the working country.

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Information Technology We help contractors & freelancers to work in the Information Technology sector
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Oil & Gas We assist contractors & freelancers to work internationally in the Oil & Gas sector
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Natural Energy We assist contractors & freelancers to work internationally in the Natural Energy sector
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Telecommunications We assist contractors & freelancers to work internationally in the Telecoms sector
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Pharmaceutical We assist contractors & freelancers to work internationally in the Pharmaceutical sector

Contracting in a new country can be a daunting prospect, but with expert guidance from 3C Global Group - it need not be!

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"Thank you for taking very good care of my legal issues during my stay in Germany. Your team gave me the peace of mind I needed to focus only on my job."

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Abilio F. Automotive colour & material designer | contracted in Germany

"I would highly recommend the team from 3C Global Group for all the great service and advice they have provided to me."

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Laura P. Senior sharepoint developer | contracting in Belgium

"Our contractors found their smooth service to be very competitive and were always happy to sign up."

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Joanne W. Senior delivery manager | international recruitment agency

"Every concern that I had, was always been reassured with superb quick responses and solutions."

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Paul D. 3D maya modeller | contracting in Germany