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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is considered by some to be the largest industry sector in the world in terms of monetary value.

In recent times however, the sector has faced significant challenges. Incidents such as the Gulf of Mexico disaster in 2013, the price collapse in 2014 & the sectors impact on the global climate have meant that the industry is facing increased scrutiny, change and challenges moving forward.

The above said however Oil & Gas companies are often vital contributors towards national GDP in their respective jurisdictions and the importance of the industry to every day life for most is strong.

The EU is the world's second largest producer of petroleum products.

In the latest future of jobs report from the world economic forum, 51% of companies surveyed expected to utilize increased numbers of specialised contractors to address skills gaps in their businesses by 2022.

3C Global support many highly skilled contractors in the Oil & Gas sector.

We understand the intrinsic needs of contractors, international recruitment companies and end client customers when it comes to placing a specialist candidate on a project.

Contact 3C Global Group to discuss your options as a contractor or freelancer in the Oil & Gas sector today.